XWA EmployeesEdit

Fury RosterEdit


Wrestler From Weight (lb.)
Matt Cross San Diego,California 229 lb.
Matthew Shields Miami,Florida 258 lb.
Darin Rooky Music City;Nashville,TN 279 lb.
Bryce Young Houston,Tx 309 lb.
Gregory Deed Chicago,IL. 198 lb.
Gloster St. Louis,Missouri 202 lb.
Brett Bourne St. Louis,Missouri 187 lb.
Taguchi Fatu Toyko,Japan 235 lb.
Sato Fatu Tokyo,Japan 240 lb.
Sobbo Fatu Tokyo,Japan 249 lb.
Gold Tiger El Paso,TX 209 lb.
Zack Cruiser Los Angeles,California 201 lb.
Brett Hardy Cameron,North Carolina 211 lb.
Codebreaker Houston,Texas 230 lb.
PTR Orangeburg, South Carolina 247 lb.
Steven Cage Montreal,Canada 239 lb.
Robert Cage Montreal,Canada 259 lb.
ThunderSlash Depths of Hell 200 lb.
Andrew Williams Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania 211 lb.
Christian Williams Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania 224 lb.
Acey James Queensville,Virginia 179 lb.
Holly Hall Madison,Wisconsin 180 lb.

Ravage RosterEdit


Wrestler From Weight (lb.)
Samoa Isle Samoa 365 lb.
William Storm Vancouver,Canada 327 lb.
Chris Storm Vancouver,Canada 323 lb.
Pathfinder Under World 207 lb.
Peter Ryder Tampa Bay,Florida 221 lb.
Eric Storm Vancouver,Canada 301 lb.
Drew Roode Niagara Walls,Canada 289 lb.
Triple D Denver,Colorado 219 lb.
Darin Kennedy Austin,Texas 229 lb.
Michael Jarrett Montreal,Canada 238 lb.
Scotty Haas Dallas,Texas 249 lb.
Ken Kingston Kingston,Jamaica 205 lb.
Rockman Depths of Hell 204 lb.
Chris Risten Toronto,Canada 221 lb.
William Scott-Smith Manchester,Great Britain 232 lb.
Scorpion King Scorpion Kingdom 439 lb.
Painkiller Skokie,Illinois 215 lb.
Mrs.Perfect Robbinsdale, Minnesota 167 lb.
Kelly Blare Madison,Wisconsin 179 lb.


Fury RefereesEdit

Referee From Style
Walter Jones San Diego,California Hardcore
David Hebner Richmond,Virginia Rulemaker
Randel Star Dallas,Texas Rule Protector
Charles Wire San Jose,California Hardcore

Ravage RefereesEdit

Referee From Style
Bob Shark Madison,Wisconsin Rulemaker
Andrew Geruski Montreal,Quebec,Canada Hardcore
Parry Haltern Pittsburgh,Pennslyvania Rule Protector
Robert Foster Detroit,Michigan Hardcore

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