Stunt Devil License
License: Stunt Devil License(SDL)
Invented: September 29,1990
Invented By Who: Brock Narsen
POI: Seattle,Washington(USA)
Years of Training: 6(average person)
Ticket Law: Stunt Devil Incorporation
Tickets Before Suspensioned License: (11)-NA

Profile of LicenseEdit


Started in developement in late 1990, former professional stunt deviler and Canadian, Brock Narsen, was tired of getting in trouble for doing stunt devil tricks in illegal and legal areas. The officers who saw him said "You have to get a license" and he would respond by saying "There is no stunt devil license in existence, yet, but some day I will invent the Stunt Devil License". This went into developement with the help of the National Government,and the Federal Governments in all 50 states of the United States. It took ten years to complete this license and was reduced after Brock passed in nearly 6 years.

Illegal Areas DiscriptionEdit

Most areas in the world for doing stunt devil stunts are illegal and result in a warning for first-time Offense and a second-time do this illegally results in either a fine or the license being suspended from 1 year to 5 years and sometimes 10 years if taken to the world's newest type of Court, called Stuntsinal Court.

Illegal AreasEdit

Below there is a list of illegal attacks for stunt deviling:

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