These are the offical rules of Women's Wrestling in Rumble Roses and Rumble Roses XX. These rules are different from intergendar wrestling promotion rules. This Women's only Wrestling league has different wrestling matches then intergendar promotions. Here are the rules:

Rumble Roses RulesEdit

These are the offical rules of Rumble Roses and Women's only Wrestling promotions.

Win ByEdit

    • Pinfalls occur when an opponent's shoulders are done for a count of 2 by the referee's two slaps against the mat.
    • Pinfall Rule:
    • a pinfall can only count as a pinfall in a Roll-up Pin.
    • Submissions occur when an opponent taps-out or passes out while in a submission hold.
    • Submission Rule:
    • A Tap-out only counts if the opponent passes out in the middle of the ring or if an opponent submitts while in the middle of the ring.
    • A Knockout only counts if the opponent passes out and falls to the ropes or the opponent's body hits the mat.

Match TypesEdit

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