PPV Name: Rebellion I
Date of Event: September 27,2008
Followed By: Crucifixion
Channel: PW TV!
Arena: Blue Cross Arena
Theme Song: Back In Black! by ACDC
Rebellion II,Rebellion III
Rebellion IV,Rebellion V

Rebellion 1 was a pay-per-view in Excel Wrestling Action!. It took place on September 27,2008 in Rochester,New York at the Blue Cross Arena. Rebellion I rated in as number 3 on the Chart for the third best pay-per-view of the month.


Title MatchesEdit

Non Title MatchesEdit

Revenge MatchEdit

The outcome of the match will determine who is the better rival in this Arch Rivalry. The winner will become the next number one contender for the title of that wrestler's choice.

Non Title MatchesEdit

Backstage ConflictEdit

After the pay-per-view went off the air Ken Kingston slammed Chris Storms head through the general manager's office and through the door. And Ken Kingston Powerbombed Chris Storm through a table. Finally, security came and broke up the fight. Ken Kingston left the arena and headed for Tampa Bay,Florida,but was knocked out by a kick to the head on a trash can by Chris Storm. Chris Storm then headed for Tampa Bay,Florida. This conflict between these two wrestlers (superstars) was added to the pay-per-view's special edision DvD.


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