• A-B:
    • Altitude-Is when a wrestler jumps from a high spot that is the "unthinkable".
    • Axell-Is when a wrestler turns on his own company, Hence the axell in a tire is what makes the wheel turn.
    • Basket-Is when a wrestler lands on his opponent in a way that was not booked or ment to happen.
    • Bock-Is when a wrestler changes his gimmick in kayfade or acts unlike his gimmick.
    • Bracket-Is when a wrestler slams his opponents head into the cage.
  • C-D:
    • Clear-Is when a wrestler who is in the match,clears the way for the match of more than two wrestlers to defeat his opponent without the other wrestlers in the ring.
    • Clear as White-Is when a wrestler has no idea where he/she is in the ring or outside the ring.
    • Clean Sweep-Is when a wrestler wins the match without the opponent striking him/her or grappling him/her.
    • Crasting-Is when a wrestler creates a new gimmick for another superstar or returns to professional wrestling with a new gimmick.
    • Deck-Is when a wrestler hits the mat after a high-flying move or after the opponent rolls or gets out of the way.
    • Dex or Dext-Is when a wrestler delivers a low-blow. This term comes from professional wrestlings first wrestler, Dexter "Dext" Smith who low-blowed his opponent and was the first to low-blow an opponent.
  • E-F:
    • Elevator-Is when a wrestler slams his opponent through more than one of the same weapon at the same time.
    • Elevating-Is when a wrestler botches a move from the top turnbuckle and slams through a table or etc.
    • Flarring-Is when a wrestler does the famous strutt of Ric Flair.
  • G-H:
    • Gliding-Is when a wrestler flies through the air,but moves slowly through the air to glide.
    • Glittering-Is when a wrestler flirts with a female wrestler in a romantic or a friendly way.
    • Heat-Is when a wrestler goes on the roll against an opponent in a match.
    • Heater-Is a wrestler who is known for beating his opponents quickly or is known most of the time for beating two or more wrestlers at the same.
  • I-J:
    • a-Isle-Is another word for the entrance ramp; ramp that leads wrestlers to the ring.
    • Jeeking-Is when a wrestler mocks another wrestler while wearing the same ring atire or doing the same wrestling moves, or etc. as the his opponent uses as part of his gimmick.
  • K-L:
    • KKK or K3-Is another term in professional wrestling for the one,two,three, of a pin count.
    • Kooting-Is another term for when a wrestler taps-out/submits.
    • Lipxing-Is when a wrestler says he is going to do something,but didn't do what he said.
    • LOF-Is the wrestling abrrevation for "Loss over Fluke".
  • M-N:
    • MoonLight-Is when the lights in the arena go out,but the match continues.
    • MadMouth-Is when a wrestler backstabs his opponent by verbal use.

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