Professional Fighters Cagefighting Association is a professional MMA headquarters for the MMA Rules Society that creates all the rules in professional Cagefighting.

Common RulesEdit

Ways to VictoryEdit

  • Submission(S): a fighter may admit defeat during a match by:
    • a tap on the opponent's body;
    • a wave by either hand in the air;
  • Cage Holding (CH): a fighter may win by Cage Holding during a match by:
    • Holding the opponent on the cage for up to a count of twenty.
    • Opponent passes out;(Cage Holding Knockout)-(CHKO)
  • Illegal Dis.:
  • When the opponent disobeys the referees rules after a warning has been given out.


  • foul(F): can be committed by a fighter during a match by:
    • kneeing the opponent when the opponent is on the ground.
    • disobeying the referees rules after a warning has been given (ID).
    • pick the opponent's eye.
    • walking out of the cage.
    • Grinding any part of the opponent's body against the cage; (Grinding)-(G).

Unified RulesEdit


  • Non-Title:
    • Four Five minute rounds.
  • Overtime-(Non-Title):
    • Two three minute rounds.
  • Title:
  • Eight Five minute rounds.

CageFighting Match VersionsEdit

Submission BrawlEdit


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