Professional Backyard Wrestling is the newest and most growing form of professional wrestling today. It is the world's most hardcore style of wrestling around the world. Professional Backyard Wrestlers are usually trained and required to take several years of stuntdevil training before being aloud to be able to start a Backyard Wrestling promotion and being able to perform at the Professional Level. Professional Backyard Wrestling promotions require all of its wrestlers to have a Backyarder's License.

Weight ClassesEdit

In Professional Backyard Wrestling wrestlers are put into weight classes and are given a special name depending on the weight class. The weight classes are:


Backyarder's LicenseEdit

A Backyarder's License is a professional wrestling license that is required for Professional Backyard Wrestlers and backyard wrestlers have to take several years of stuntdevil training.

Professional Backyard Wrestling StyleEdit

Professional Backyard Wrestling focuses on matches fought outside the ring and focuses on the use of other objects outside the ring to cause damage to an opponent's body. Professional Backyard Wrestling is also known as Outside Wrestling.

Match RulesEdit

Some rules in professional backyard wrestling are the same:

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