National Flag League is the top professional flag football league. The National Flag League's first season was in 1990. The league is divided into the American Conference and the National Conference.

18th SeasonEdit

2008 SeasonEdit

The 2008 season is the 18 season of the National flag League. New rules where added and some where changed.

  • Rules Added:
  • Motion Rule -The tight ends and wide recievers may be in motion before the snap.
  • Forward Passing-The quarterback may pitch the ball to any running back and may throw it forward before the running back goes across the line of scrimmage.
  • Rules Changed:
  • Feet In Bounds Rule-The player with the ball must catch the ball with one foot inbounds and must keep the other foot out of bounds before the defender pushes that player out of bounds.



National ConferenceEdit




American ConferenceEdit




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