This is a list of World Series champions from Major League Baseball (MLB).


Year Winning team League Result Losing team League
1998 Houston Astros NL 4–2 Cleveland Indians AL
1999 New York Yankees AL 4–0 San Francisco Giants NL
2000 Oakland Athletics AL 4–2 Arizona Diamondbacks NL
2001 Oakland Athletics (2) AL 4–3 Colorado Rockies NL
2002 Cleveland Indians AL 4–2 St. Louis Cardinals NL
2003 Los Angeles Dodgers NL 4–3 Baltimore Orioles AL
2004 Texas Rangers AL 4–2 New York Mets NL
2005 New York Yankees (2) AL 4–2 Philadelphia Phillies NL
2006 New York Yankees (3) AL 4–0 Philadelphia Phillies NL
2007 Chicago White Sox AL 4–1 Milwaukee Brewers NL
2008 Chicago White Sox (2) AL 4–0 Chicago Cubs NL
2009 Kansas City Royals AL 4–3 Colorado Rockies NL
2010 Colorado Rockies NL 4–1 Kansas City Royals AL
2011 San Diego Padres NL 4–0 Texas Rangers AL
2012 Cincinnati Reds NL 4–2 Oakland Athletics AL
2013 Oakland Athletics (3) AL 4–3 Pittsburgh Pirates NL
2014 Los Angeles Angels AL 4–2 Los Angeles Dodgers NL
2015 Los Angeles Angels (2) AL 4–3 St. Louis Cardinals NL
2016 San Francisco Giants NL 4–0 Oakland Athletics AL
2017 San Francisco Giants (2) NL 4–3 Oakland Athletics AL
2018 Los Angeles Angels (3) AL 4–1 Arizona Diamondbacks NL
2019 New York Yankees (4) AL 4–3 Atlanta Braves NL
2020 St. Louis Cardinals NL 4–2 Minnesota Twins AL
2021 Oakland Athletics (4) AL 4–2 San Diego Padres NL

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