Ivan Kozlov (born January 8,1980) is russian professional wrestler. He currently is working for Excel Wrestling Action! under the ring name, Drago Viscikov. His gimmick his based off Ivan Drago in the Rocky movie series. He currently is inactive due to a pulled quad. He has sent several messages saying that he will be back; the messages said this: I the russian will return in veneguance, I will come back sometime in October, I will not under my contract tell you jerks when I'm coming back. He is former five-time Junior Sambo Wrestling Champion.

In WrestlingEdit

Finishing MovesEdit

Signature MovesEdit


  • Russian Jerk
  • Russian Hitman
  • Russian Nightmare


Junior Sambo Wrestling:

  • 2002-05 champion
  • 2007 champion
  • record breaking champion


  • oral submission-89-0
  • tap-out -111-0
  • injury -29-9
  • Overall Record-229-9-(.962)

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