In Excel Wrestling Action! a Tag team is called a Gang. This term is used in Excel Wrestling Action! because a group of people is called a gang or group. This slang term in professional wrestling was invented when the first ever african-american tag team was developed. It meant back in the early 1890's and early & middle 1900's as a way of calling a black person the "n" word. Today it is used as a slang term for white tag teams and mixed-color tag teams and also african-american and black tag teams.

Gang Match RulesEdit

Scramble Primarily associated with Excel Wrestling Action!, a Scramble tag team match has one difference from the normal rules: when a wrestler goes out of the ring either of their own volition or by being forced out, a partner can come in as a replacement without being tagged in. This format is most commonly used in either four corner tags, or with teams of more than 2. The Scramble match can also be done as a six man scramble where anyone can tag in anyone. Excel Wrestling Action!s tag teams match is always competed under the Scramble Match.

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