The Corporation of Hardcore Wrestling was a privately owned professional wrestling organization. It was the most popular professional wrestling organization in Canada. The Corporation of Hardcore Wrestling holds the Genius Book of World Records record for most episodes ever by a professional wrestling promotion with 21,890 episodes.

Federation Name Corporation of Hardcore Wrestling
Abbreviation CHW
Shows CHW (Episodes;21,890)
Time open January 5, 1948 -September 11,2008
Owner Brett Granger
Originally Based In Ottawa, Ontario,Canada
Shows Perfomed and Broadcast Worldwide
Federation Type Hardcore Wrestling
Pay-Per-Views Monthly
Website www.Corporation of Hardcore
Forums www.Rock Hard
Developmental Federation

Name ChangeEdit

The Corporation of Hardcore Wrestling announced that on September 11,2008 it would change its name to Excel Wrestling Action!. The owner of the Corporation of Hardcore Wrestling said this; "the Corporation of Hardcore Wrestling, has had a long and classic run,but its time to move on and its time to get into a new name for this promotion and to use a six sided ring instead of a four sided ring".

On-air personalitiesEdit

General ManagersEdit

General Manager Date started Date finished
Michael Young April 21 1990 December 10 1995
Reggie Petersburg December 11 1996 November 19 1998
Robert Henry November 20 1998 October 12 2000
Peter Prey October 13 2000 July 17 2004
Ryan Tyler July 18 2004 March 10 2008
Travis Cry March 11 2008 Present


Commentators Date started Date finished
Chris Jarrett Andrew, Peter Prey April 21 1990 December 10 1995
George Beers, Jack Williams II December 11 1996 November 19 1998
Brett Ryan, Gregg Falcon November 20 1998 October 12 2000
Bryce Stuart, Tyler Coke October 13 2000 July 17 2004
Tyler Coke, Nathan Kerry July 18 2004 Present

Ring AnnouncersEdit

Ring announcers Date started Date finished
Ian Wilson April 21 1990 October 27 1995
Bryan Cooper - Smith October 28 1995 November 1 1998
Cooper King November 2 1998 January 5 2000
Jarrett Patriot Cooper January 6 2000 May 9 2002
William Henry Brady May 10 2002 Present

Ref StaffEdit

Refs Date started Date finished
Dan Hall April 21 1990 Present
Peter Gregory April 22 1990 Present
Willis Floyd April 23 1990 October 2 2007
Andrew Bill April 24 1990 Present

External LinksEdit

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