The Canadian Dream Allaince (Allaince canadien de Rêve) was a professional wrestling tag team consisting of two Canadian professional wrestlers Matthew Shields and Chris Risten.

In WrestlingEdit

Signature MovesEdit


  • Corporation of Hardcore Wrestling:
  • CHW Championship (1x)-Matthew Shields
  • WHW Championship (1x)-Matthew Shields
  • Hardcore Championship (1x)-Chris Risten
  • World Extreme Tag Team Championship (1x)
  • Championships (5x)


  • 1st Triple Crown Tag Team (1x)

Signature Hand SignsEdit

  • X Sign-stands for Xtreme
  • Gun Shot Sign-stands for Canadian destruction
  • Up & down-stands for what goes up, must come down

Split UpEdit

On September 7,2008 Drew Roode interfered in the tag team match for the World Tag Team Championship between the Canadian Dream Allaince and the Storm Brothers. Drew Roode performed a twist of fate on Chris Risten through a flaming table ending the alliance.


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