Canadian Arena Football is a version of canadian and arena football put together. The game is played on a eighty yard field,with twelve yard end zones. The ball that is used is an arena football.

Play of the gameEdit


The kicking team kicks the ball off from the five yard line to the kicking return team that is on the opposite five yard line. In Canadian Arena Football three types of kicks are allowed:

  • Tee Kick-This kick is kicked by the teams kicker or punter using a kicking tee to kick to the return team.
  • Punt Kick-This kick is kicked by the teams kicker or punter without using a tee.
  • Onside Kick-This kick is kicked by the teams kicker or punter using a tee in an attempt get the ball back on the kickoff.

Stoppage of PlayEdit

The game clock stops every time one of these things occur;

  • A defender pushes the receiver or rusher with the ball out of bounds or over the board.
  • When a touchdown is scored by the defense or offense.
  • When the kicker kicks the ball through the uprights-(goal posts).
  • When there is less then three minutes left in the half and in the 4th quarter.

Live PlayEdit


Unlike in Canadian Football and Arena Football fumbles are not used in Canadian Arena Football. When a receiver,running back, defender, or etc. drops the ball the ball is counted as a dead ball.

Punting on Fourth DownEdit

Unlike in Arena Football a punt on fourth down is allowed except that the punter must use a kicking tee and must attempt a squib kick.

Scoring PointsEdit

There are many ways to score points:

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