CHW Rankings are the Current Rankings for the Corporation of Hardcore Wrestling's Titles.


These are the current rankings which are updated each week by the CHW Staff. These are also decided by the fans.

CHW & WHW Championship RankingsEdit

  • 1.)Ryan Young
  • 2.)Darin Kennedy
  • 3.)Scorpion King
  • 4.)Derek Bryan
  • 5.)Henry Jax
  • 6.)Sharkboy Jr.
  • 7.)Ironman
  • 8.)Gregory Deed

Hardcore & WEG Championship RankingsEdit

  • 09.)Brady Jarrett
  • 10.)Pathfinder
  • 11.)Chris Storm
  • 12.)Chris Risten
  • 13.)Darin Rooky
  • 14.)William Scott-Smith
  • 15.)Iceman
  • 16.)Rockman

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